10/10ths Development Corporation

About 10/10ths Development

Although we train all across the United States, 10/10ths Development Corporation is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We partner with you to make you and your organization successful through human performance improvements.  At 10/10ths, we support you in determining the best-fit plan based on your vision and goals.

We integrate high-quality products, expert knowledge of the behavioral assessments we use, as well as advanced facilitation skills to create solutions that meets your training objectives.

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We develop your solution through several avenues that are applied separately or in combination:

We place a strong emphasis on smart, effective integration of relevant products into any project.

About the Name

10/10ths is a racing term used to express performance of the car and driver in combination. At the absolute limit--or ten-tenths--the driver is extracting the maximum performance that the driver and the car have to offer.

Achieving maximum performance is about making the most of what you have in terms of personal skills and the business environment. It is always possible to make improvements in both areas and raise the performance limits.