Having a top-notch assessment as part of your training initiative is only one piece of the puzzle. If that assessment doesn't fit seamlessly into the curriculum and the classroom environment, that asset can quickly become a liability.

At 10/10ths Development, we can provide guidance based on our past experience to maximize the instrument you have chosen. Should the assessment be taken before the class or during the class using, for example, a tablet? What post-training strategies are in place for continued learning and higher return on investment?

Additional considerations come into play when the assessment is taken live in the classroom. How are the assessments distributed? Is the course held in your own facility or off-site? Online assessments require Internet service, so have those details been worked out?

Our experience with such projects uniquely enables us to assist you in launching new assessment-based initiatives flawlessly. We're happy to conslut with you on a best-fit solution, so please Contact Us.