What Changes

The primary change is that everyone taking an Everything DiSC or Five Behaviors assessment will have to create an account on the system before completing the assessment.

The process is simple. After entering an access code or following the link from an invitation email, users will be presented with this screen:

Those that have created an account previously (or those that have an account on MyEverythingDiSC.com) will just log in using their existing credentials: email and password.

Nothing about the assessment process changes … until the very end. What happens at the end depends on the settings for the individual access code. Here are the variations:

  • If the profile is set to not allow viewing, the respondent is presented with an end screen that now offers the option to log off.
  • If the profile can be viewed, then the View, Download, Email screen appears, just as it did before.
  • If the profile can be viewed and is enabled for the MyEverythingDiSC website, the MyEverythingDiSC account can be activated without filling out another form (as was the case previously).

This new workflow simplifies the creation of a My Everything DiSC account. And there is some behind-the-scenes magic: if there are existing profiles that are enabled for My Everything DiSC and attached to the same email address, they are all added to the My Everything DiSC account automatically!

Other Notes

  • While nothing changes for setting up assessments in EPIC, a new field is visible that shows the email account the learner used to create their account.
  • If a respondent stops the assessment part way through, just as before they can usually pick up where they left off. The only difference is that they will log in using the credentials they created when they started the assessment.
  • If a respondent forgets their password, they can reset it. Administrators cannot reset passwords from within EPIC.

And that’s it. Let us know if you need help in adjusting your process to this new workflow. And, as always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.