Beta testing is a core part of any technology-driven enterprise. Having products used by "real people" in advance of a public release provides feedback that can't be obtained by any other means. As a technology-driven company, we often beta test our own products, but we also get involved in beta testing for our partners.

One of our key partners is Wiley (formerly Inscape Publishing), the maker of the DiSC® products we use in our classes. We jump at the chance to beta test their products whenever the test is relevant to our clients.

Why Invest the Time?

Beta testing takes time not only to do the testing, but to provide meaningful feedback to the developer. So why do it? We feel the benefits outweigh the cost for several reasons.

Beta testing helps build relationships with our key partners. Our partners need beta testers and we can help them by being a valuable partner providing good feedback.

Beta testing helps our partners develop their products. Since we use those products, it's good to have input in how they come out!

Beta testing provides opportunities for our clients. Sometimes our clients have a specific need that a new product can fill. Early access helps us fill those needs sooner.

It is important to us that we find the most effective ways to solve our client's products. By embracing beta testing, we are ensure that we are doing everything we can to bring value and results to our clients.