We've just returned from Austin, Texas and the annual conference that Inscape Publishing hosts for its distributor network. It was an interesting year for a few reasons.

First, this was the first year that the International partners were included. Inscape's DiSC products are used around the world, so naturally there are distributors located around the world was well. With everyone attending a single conference, we were regularly seated with folks from far-distant lands.

Second, I was asked to represent 10/10ths on a panel with two other distributors.  This was only our second MindLab48 so it was an honor to be asked to speak.  Our panel discussed Beta Testing (see the article, "Beta Testing is a 2-way Street"). Inscape regularly asks its distributors to evaluate products and also to have our clients evaluate new and upgraded products.  With a strong technology background underpinning 10/10ths Development, it is natural for us to take advantage of any beta testing opportunity that makes sense.

"This was only our second MindLab48 and it was an honor to be asked to speak."

I provided a case study where we used the Work of Leaders Profile and the  then-beta Work of Leaders Facilitation Kit with a client that was evaluating our Leadership training products.

Finally, this year's MindLab48 provided a chance for us to meet representatives from Wiley, the global publishing company that recently bought Inscape Publishing.  We are excited about the oportunites that this change in ownership brings to our company and our clients.

Stay tuned for more news about Wiley!